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website operation hosting website

website operation hosting website, By a professional networking company providing achieve website.

promotion marketing, website upgrades, updates, features expand , and the overall effect of the design of the site “full trust” solutions.

What is website operation hostingWebsite “all-round hosting” solution provided by professional network companies to achieve website promotion, website upgrade, information update, function expansion , and overall effect design

Applicable group A relatively mature enterprise in the traditional market. Enterprises with no Internet business experience and knowledge accumulation from top to bottom.

Reluctant to hire professionals from the human resources market to venture into the company. A start-up project that has the strength and resources but does not understand network marketing . There are many companies that have experienced network marketing failures.

Industry overviewWebsite hosting is a good choice for SMEs in today’s fierce Internet competition. The meaning of website hosting is to cooperate with a professional organization to manage and operate a website. In this form, the website can be used in a highly competitive Internet.

There is a place for enterprises; when enterprises want to rely on the network to promote their business or products, they will inevitably have their own promotion platform (website); and the establishment of this platform is very important.

The establishment of the platform directly affects the subsequent promotion effectWhether there is competition. Strength; Through years of contact with companies in different industries. It is concluded that more than 90% of enterprises do not have professional website maintenance operators. But just find a network company to establish a website.

Add some information, even if it is network promotion ; It’s better to do this than to do it. Let’s not say if the target customer can find the website. Even if it can be found, can the website be glued or transformed by the website?.
If the website’s planningMaintenance, and operation are not ideal, it will be counterproductive. Through the website, customers can get a preliminary understanding of the company’s technical strength.

The company’s overall image, company case, company news, etc.; and this information is not provided, or is not provided reasonably. If it is, it will inevitably lead to customers having a bad understanding of the company.
If the website’s planningMaintenance, and operation are not ideal, it will be counterproductive. Through the website, customers can get a preliminary understanding of the company’s technical strength.

The company’s overall image, company case, company news, etc.; and this information is not provided, or is not provided reasonably. If it is, it will inevitably lead to customers having a bad understanding of the company.

Enterprise website hostingThe advantage of the enterprise website hosting is that there can be excellent website operators to manage the website, professional editors to maintain the website, professional technology to maintain the overall website, professional marketing and promotion personnel to customize the website Promotion plan.

The platform-based basic work is completed very well, and at the same time, it can bring a lot of target customer groups to visit and communicate; at the same time, it can carry out external marketing promotion work based on the website wants to combine , further expand the company’s brand and popularity . It is the company’s achievement through the Internet;

Third-party service companyProfessionals do professional thingsThe company hopes to rapidly develop the online market, and is looking for 3-4 generations of operating companies to help run flagship stores on different platforms. At the meeting of the matchmaking meeting, the information supervisor of a certain brand made a single-handed approach to the demanding operation company.

What is the purpose of your e-commerce?Is it for clearing inventory or branding? Is there any clear planning, including product planning and sales planning? What kind of cooperation mode do you want to use, is it to pay service fees or commissions?” For a certain brand The needs of the on-site generation company also made their own recommendations.

It is not just a certain brand that has a strong interest in finding a company to operateFrom the beginning of last year, the company has been looking for a suitable carrier from the foreign trade to the domestic market. The chairman of an outdoor brand said:

“I have done online sales myself. Last year, the whole network sold about 10 million yuan, but I obviously feel that there are still many problems in the formation and operation management of the talent team. I hope to find cooperation with the operating company. The company specializes in products and brands, and is operated and promoted by the operating company.”

Brand self-built“Traditional brand self-built e-commerce will involve e-commerce channel planning, online store design, store maintenance, marketing promotion, warehousing, after-sales and other complicated links. Not only the capital investment is huge, but also the talents and information are subject to certain restrictions.

To achieve the desired results.” Cai Jiangpan, deputy general manager of Shishi City’s focus network, said that the e-commerce operator can help traditional brands solve these problems through a professional team.

“Not only is the brand looking for a suitable generation company, but the operating company is also looking for a suitable brand. Therefore, the brand must have a long-term development strategy, and understand what is going on and what needs to be outsourced.” Tmall business development manager Lu Hao said.

Large market expansionIn fact, leveraging third-party professional services companies to expand the online market has become the consensus of most traditional companies. When consumers purchase Xtep, Hongxing Erke, Qipirang and other brand products in the online store , providing consulting services and processing orders may not be the customer service of the online mall, nor the employees of the brand company, but the personnel of the e-commerce operation service company.

“The operating company is not a simple network seller or agent. It also helps the company understand the user’s needs through data analysis. And makes appropriate consumption guidance for the needs of consumers.

For example, through data analysis. It helps Jiu Mu Wang to refine a ‘slim body. The concept of ‘pants’ helped Jiu Muwang clear the inventory and achieve a breakthrough on the line. And brought the concept of ‘slim trousers’ to the design of offline products.” said Jun Junjie, deputy general manager of Xiamen Meining Business.

According to a recent Tmall survey, 86.5% of company sellers want to outsource some or all of their business, and 80% of sellers are eager to find service providers. The more traditional industries and brands, the greater the demand for service providers.

Because their philosophy is to find professional people to do professional things. Experts predict that in the next 2-3 years. There will be more than 200,000 service companies represented by generational operations.

It is understood that at present, there are 76 certified companies in Taobao in our province. Of which there are nearly 30 in Guangzhou, but not much in the industry. According to industry analysts, according to the industry base, Guangzhou has three hundred billion industrial clusters. Nearly 1,500 billion companies, nearly 130,000 private companies, large and small, and a large customer base will be the Guangzhou operating company. The development brings a broad space.

Advantages of website operation hostingFor companies to do a good job in website optimization, website update, website promotion and website maintenance, the following fees are usually required:

In accordance with the general criteria, hire at least four professional and technical personnel: graphic designers, website editor personnel, programmers, website promotion personnel, the need to pay high monthly salaries, administrative costs increased substantially.Hire a senior technician who combines all the skills of art, program, promotion and security. The first is where to find such professionals, and secondly, how much salary is required. In addition, does he have enough energy to complete the task?Entrust a professional website hosting company to maintain and manage.

It is equivalent to hiring a senior technician who combines all the techniques of art, program, promotion, safety, etc., to achieve professional, high-quality and high-efficiency services, while greatly reducing personnel costs and operating costs.Please refer to the following data for details:Website maintenance method:

The company hires professionals (calculated according to the minimum market salary) to hire professional network engineers, which is responsible for building internal and external websites and network communication. This method is most suitable for medium and large technology enterprises or groups. Typical operating methods, such as Lenovo Group, have professional IT departments and engineers.

Cost Estimate:Website art: 2 thousand yuan / month × December = 24,000DollarsWebsite editor: 1.5 thousand yuan / month × December = 18,000 DollarsProgramming: 3,000 yuan / month × December = 36,000 DollarsWebsite promotion: 2 thousand yuan / month × December = 24,000 DollarsTotal cost: 102,000 Dollars

Remarks:It does not include high-cost promotion fees, management fees, workstation fees and other costs. As well as the above-mentioned personnel’s year-end bonuses, insurance and other additional expenses. Website hosting can help you effectively reduce operating costs by 50%.
Industry service organizations will have professional industry experience and quality resources, and ensure the quality of service through clear quantitative targets. big data.

Third-party website hosting organizations are generally composed of teams engaged in e-commerce operations for many years. These teams have accumulated abundant human and media resources in the industry competition for many years. And have strong control over the overall operation of the project.

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To a certain extent, compared with a non-professional team with no actual experience. It can effectively improve the efficiency of e-commerce cloud.The quality of the service.

In addition, most of the custodians have their own set of data statistics and analysis systems. The custodians can clearly understand the status of the website operation and ensure the status. For the operation and promotion of the website, there are clear data as feedback.

The specific content of website operation and hostingWebsite updateAfter the website is posted to the network. It is very necessary to update the information of your existing customers or the customers’ daily attention. For example, updating the company’s dynamics and product information will enable them to keep abreast of the company’s development and trends, and increase the company.

Credibility; update industry dynamics, industry information allows them to pay attention to the industry development situation in a timely manner. Increase the degree of attention of the website, establish a good brand image in the industry. Update new product listing, product promotion and other information.

Let customers know the company The latest information on the product. At the same time, it can make the website more popular with search engines. Which is more conducive to the improvement of the ranking of the website. Making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Website maintenanceThe normal operation of the website is an important guarantee for the company’s online business sources. During the operation of the website, the website often encounters inaccessibility, database access errors, website hacking, space domain expiration, etc. If there is no special person to maintain, often things happen. You have been ignorant for a long time. It is a waste of resources to ask someone to do this. So website hosting is a convenient, efficient and cost-effective way!

Website optimization Reasonable website structure, program writing and concise website navigation can greatly improve the access speed of the website. Save limited server resources, help keep the website smooth, and help consumers to browse habits. So that consumers fall in love with you. Website that likes your product. However, most of the current network companies and website producers are not very clear about this, or have insufficient experience in this area.

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The company itself lacks sufficient understanding of this aspect, resulting in slow website access and complicated information query. The browsing caused a lot of inconvenience. In an information age where competition is fierce and alternatives are numerous.

This is enough to make your customers give up on customers who are your competitors or alternatives.
Website promotionIn this era of Internet prevalence, the Internet has become an indispensable part of people’s travel, work, and life. Many people can’t live without the Internet. Every enterprise is paying more and more attention to the network, and corporate websites are emerging one after another.

Your website is not fully promoted. Customers who want to find your website are like looking for a needle in a haystack. Such a website is ineffective and cannot bring any direct benefits to the enterprise. The waste of such resources is the biggest waste of a company.