marzo 14, 2019

google sites

google sites, Google was in the beginning a research project by Larry Page and Sergio Brin, two PhD students from Stanford University (USA). A Page happened to investigate the mathematical characteristics of the global network -www or world-wide web.

For this, I wanted to analyze and understand the structure of the links between the different web pages.

His tutor, Ferry Winograd had encouraged him to choose that theme. Page was launched to investigate what web pages link to another page, thinking that the number and nature of those links were very valuable information – regarding the linked page.

I was thinking about the role of academic appointments, of great importance in the university world and very particularly in the United. Page called that initial project «BackRub». His friend Sergei Brin, a Jewish doctoral student secular – like Page – of Russian origin, he joined the project right away. Page’s crawler started to go online in March of 1996.

It was based on the page of the Stanford University of own Page. To crystallize the data collected by the tracker, about the links directed to each page, both developed the PageRank algorithm.

When analyzing the results of BackRub – which consisted of a list of links to a page concrete, classified by importance- thought that a search engine that took into account these criteria would produce better search results than the existing search engines at that time that only analyzed internal factors of a web page, such as the number of times that a keyword was repeated.

Thus was born the first embryo of the new search engine, called Rankdex The initial search engine used the Stanford website, with the domain

They registered the Google domain on September 15, 1997. The firm Google, Inc. was born on 4 September 1998 in a friend’s garage in Menlo Park, California.

Andy Bechtolsheim -Andreas von Bechtolsheim-, a German-American entrepreneur who he had co-founded the company Sun Microsystems a few years ago, in 1982, he contributed the «seed» Initial capital of Google. His $ 100,000 check, delivered in August 1998, would be the best investment of your life.

At first, the two founders Brin and Page were opposed to placing advertising on their seeker. Soon they would change their minds. Years later Google copied the system invented by Overture – it later affirms bought by Yahoo – of contextual advertising, based on the searched keywords, currently in force. Yahoo sued them for it and Google had to
Disburse a considerable – though not disclosed – amount of money for Yahoo will abandon the judicial procedure.

The name «Google» is an alteration of the word «googol», which in English means the number represented by 1 raised to 100. Enid Blyton had already used the word decades ago, in the ninth chapter of his work The Magic Faraway Tree, entitled Google Bun.

google sites
google sites

By the end of 1998, Google had already indexed 60 million pages.

The motto of Google has been since its inception «do not be evil» which means «do not be bad», as opposed to Microsoft, a giant who had a reputation for being unscrupulous. Without However, we have already seen that since its inception the firm started to deviate from a faultless conduct in some matters that affected their profitability.

Once the search sector has been mastered, the successful company has expanded to a large number of economic sectors that go beyond the initial business. He has launched his own email service -gmail- mobile phones, your own browser to compete with Window -Chrome- and has acquired important companies such as YouTube, bought by 1,650 million dollars on October 9, 2006 or DoubleClick, Internet advertising company acquired in April 2007 for 3.1 billion dollars.